A Little Treat

The other morning, I got off the subway at Jay St./Metrotech. That’s where I switch to the Manhattan-bound C train.

As I stepped on to the platform, I reluctantly approached a subway newsstand. I always see them there, but I had yet to come close enough to make a purchase.

With cash in hand, I requested my favorite magazine, REAL SIMPLE. The clerk handed me the new July issue. I had been waiting for it to come to newsstands for a couple weeks now, even checking any and all drug stores and newsstands in my path on a regular basis.


I don’t know why, but this moment brought me so much happiness.

Maybe I was so happy because it was also Friday. Maybe it was because the stress of the magazine portion of the NYU-SPI program was behind me.

There was plenty that I could have been grouchy about: the early hour that we had to show up despite the culmination of weeks of hard work the night before; the crazy humidity at 7:40 in the morning that never seems to dissipate underground in the subways; the uncomfortable proximity to the people around me as we all shuffled to get where we were going.

But that morning, I was happy. Happy to have my REAL SIMPLE. It’s not just another piece of reading that makes its way on to my to-do list. Instead, it’s a welcome task that relieves me from stress. It makes my life easer. I simply can’t get enough of its features, like “new uses for old things,” “life lessons,” and “the simple list,” to name a few.

And, for those few moments, handing the clerk my money and then reading my magazine on the C train into Manhattan, I felt like a real New Yorker.

I pored over its pages, almost missing my subway stop.


The rest of the day, as I pushed through lectures and forums, I was content knowing that I had RS waiting for me in my backpack.



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