Final Days in NYC

Being that I am more than 2 weeks behind on posting my final days in NYC, this post will be fragmented and picture-heavy. Enjoy!


July 7 Monday

Sadly, I honestly can’t remember what happened on this day….

I am ashamed…

July 8 Tuesday

Went to the Manhattan Temple. Totally needed that. Best part? Utter and complete silence.

The church is so very true.


Stopped in at Trader Joes on my way home. That place is NUTS in New York! But the huge line moves surprisingly fast. Way to go, TJ’s.

Also, did you know that Century 21 is not just a real estate company? Apparently, in the eastern US, it’s a department store. I was always so confused to see people walking around the city carrying huge Century 21 bags. Makes sense now.

I stopped in a Century 21 to see what it was about. It felt like a Macy’s or Dillards.

July 9 Wednesday

My mom had been visiting my sister in Maine for several weeks. Well, on July 9, she took a bus from Portland to Boston and then got on the Amtrak train to Penn Station in NYC. She stayed at my brother’s apartment and we got to spend time with her in the big city all week. Yay!

I think today was the day that we also went to Waffle & Wolf for the first time. It’s another one of those places that my mom saw on the Food Network. Well, this one turned out to be a total home run! Oh my heavens! So delicious!! Waffle sandwiches, both sweet and savory. My mom and I shared a #12 (Bacon [Baked in], Cheddar, Tomato, Arugula, Avocado-Yogurt) and a #25 (Walnuts [Baked in], Goat Cheese, Apples, Lavender-Honey). Why did it have to be so delicious?!

July 10 Thursday

Today was the day my group presented our book project. Finally done. Amen and amen.

After classes, I headed toward the Chelsea area. I met Collin and Jana at the pier there, with my mom in tow. We boarded The Adirondack for our harbor cruise. So so so enjoyable. 2 hours out in the water. The hot sun was buffered by the breeze coming off of the water.

IMG_2791 IMG_2775 IMG_2772


Chelsea Market. A veritable food mall. Our trip there was undoubtedly met with purchases of some goodies. And this book. Love.


July 11 Friday

Today was the very last day of the program. I put on my professional best and headed to Greenwich Village where the NYU-SPI hosted a career fair. All in all, I met with about 6 different people (from magazine companies like Time, Inc., Hearst, and Condé Nast), passed out my business cards (designed by the talented Collin, once again), and distributed my resume where necessary.


After meeting up with Collin, Jana, and my mom, we had delicious ice cream at Farmacy (Brooklyn). Peanut butter and potato chip sundae? Yes please!


We made a quick trip to Eataly in the Flatiron District so that my mom could see it. She’s a huge Food Network fan!

Fishs Eddy. Like an indie kitchen supply store. I wanted to buy so much stuff. Gotta get my own kitchen first. 🙂

Paper Presentation. Cards and stationery and gifties out the ying yang. Aka heaven.

Kate Spade. My mom’s happy place.

July 12 Saturday

Ok, this NYU-SPI program was amazing and incredible and life-changing and exhilarating. And it also kicked my trash. Time to relax.

Four & Twenty Blackbirds. A hipster pie-lover’s paradise.



Fairway Market. Again. Took the madre. Loved it! Saw some weird sky writing.


Indoor S’mores. These are the times I love most.


July 13 Sunday

Church. Met a guy who happens to know a bunch of the same people my parents do back in Studio City, CA. Man, it’s a small world in the church!

Keenan came into town from CA for work (sprinkled with fun!).

Dinner at Fragole (Brooklyn). I got grilled peaches with fresh mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto and drizzled with balsamic. What the what?! Too delicious!


July 14 Monday

After taking the express bus into the city, my mom and I went to check out the 9/11 Museum. Because of time constraints, we bought tickets to go the following morning. But we did get some pictures of the outside.

Words can hardly express the feeling there. I will write an entirely different blog post on the actual museum experience, because it merits that. But here are a few pictures that we took of the outside.

IMG_2822 IMG_2825 IMG_2830

Balthazar. A European lunch with my mom. Feeling fancy. Loving it.


Across the street from Balthazar in SoHo was Paper Source. So much good stuff!!! And, bonus: we found out there is one in Denver. Guess where my mom went the day after she got home to Denver!? (Hint: it was Paper Source.)

Dean & DeLuca. Even though she’d been there before, my mom had to go back. We are totally cut from the same cloth. She is just as obsessed as I.

By the way, best way to travel in NYC? Uber. So comfortable. So convenient. So easy. So clean. Cheaper than yellow cabs.

My mom is a HUGE Teddy Roosevelt fanatic. She has read every book about him…twice. She may or may not even have a pseudo shrine to Mr. Roosevelt in her bookcase. (Don’t worry. It’s not a creepy kind of shrine. It’s more like books, coins, pictures, etc. all dedicated to TR.) We took an Uber car there and found out it was CLOSED!. But we did get a snapshot of my mom in front  of TR’s boyhood home. Can you see the elation on her face?


30 Rock. You can’t NOT go to 30 Rock at least once when you visit NYC. We got a picture of a Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon sign and sent it to my sister, Holly. She may be mildly obsessed with Mr. Fallon and, after receiving the picture, called me very upset that we had gone to the Tonight Show without her. Hehe. I assured her we did not go. We got her a Jimmy Fallon shirt at the NBC Experience store to soften the blow.

IMG_2849 IMG_2857 IMG_2855


The Plaza Hotel. I dream of one day staying there for a weekend. At $600 a night (at the cheapest!), it’s a very lofty goal.

But in the basement of the hotel, there is this: The Plaza Food Hall. We perused for a while. So much beautiful food.

IMG_2861 IMG_2863  IMG_2868

Today I decided: That’s it! I’m getting a dog. Why not? I totally can! I want a Maltese. Gimme.


July 15 Tuesday

9/11 Museum (future blog post to come), Took us 4 hours.

Gramercy Tavern. Located just down the street from Teddy Roosevelt’s boyhood home (that we visited the previous day), this place is incredible! I ate the best hamburger I have ever had in my life.

That Cabot cheddar cheese….no words.


Waffle & Wolf. Again. Twice isn’t enough. I would go back to NYC if only to eat Waffle & Wolf again.

July 16 Wednesday

Farewell New York.

Flew home. My mom and I took a 7am flight out of LaGuardia to go back to Denver.

IMG_2962 IMG_2964 IMG_2965


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